[DEAL Alert] Incredible fares out of Amman, Jordan through Ryanair!

If you have traveled enough within Europe, you would likely have a love-hate relationship with Ryanair. Sure, the fares are incredible, but every time I am in one of those planes, I wonder when they would start charging for using lavatories 🙂

Last year, around the same time, Ryanair announced its maiden foray into the Middle-east (ex-Israel). It received a lot of media attention back then and everyone knew this day would come.

Lo and behold, Ryanair has announced some CRAZY fares in and out of Amman, Jordan. Initially, the airline extended a sort of olive branch to Royal Jordanian – the national airline – with no conflicting destinations. However, with new routes such as Vienna, it is an open conflict now.

Some exhibits below. Note that one-way fares are allowed and dates and availability vary widely. US$ 1 = AED 3.67.

a screenshot of a phone screenshot of a phone screen with a schedule

a screenshot of a phone a screenshot of a phone

Source: Google flights

These fares are such that you could book them now and use if needed, ignore if not.

I wonder what Royal Jordanian Airline thinks of this. RJ has been going through a makeover and has aggressively been targeting UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman travelers for its European flights. Jordan, like Turkey, is nearly midway between Oman/UAE and Western Europe.

What next for Ryanair. Perhaps entry into the UAE. Dubai airport (DXB) would be too expensive for them. But Sharjah Airport (SHJ)? We shall wait and see!

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