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Etihad Makes Standard Seat Selection Free for Premium Members

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In July 2018, Etihad had introduced a fee for selecting ‘Standard’ seats in advance. This was applicable on all flights and all members. This move was expected given Etihad’s focus on going back to profitability.

I just received an email from Etihad Guest wherein it is mentioned that Standard Economy Seat Selection will be free for Etihad Silver members. This is not something unique. Many airlines, Emirates included, offer free seat selection to their premium frequent flyer members.

What Are Standard Economy Seats?

Etihad classifies its Economy inventory into three categories – Extra Legroom, Preferred and Standard.

  • Extra Legroom seats are the front row seats or Emergency Exit seats (Charges: AED 520)
  • Preferred seats are the first few rows of Economy (Charges: AED 140)
  • Standard seats are the remaining seats (Charges: AED 100)

If this is too confusing, you can refer to a seat map below (thank you OMAAT)

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Note that the charges are applicable only on Standard seat selections made 24 hours or more in advance. For seat selections made from 24 hours to departure time, there are no charges.

Benefit for Premium Members

As an Etihad Guest Silver member, you can reserve Standard seats for free. You can either do this by going to ‘Manage Booking’ or by checking-in online up to 30 hours in advance.

This is the email I had received

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This benefit is not listed yet on Etihad website so I am not sure if Gold and Platinum members get extra perks like free Preferred seats / Extra Legroom seats.

How to Become an Etihad Guest Premium Member?

Of course, the default way is to fly Etihad.

The other way is to get a co-branded Etihad credit card. Most of the premium credit cards come with complementary Etihad Silver membership.


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